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Drinking in India

18 is the legal drinking age. Only in some states, though – it's as high as 25 in others. And banned in a few.

  • Bars

    24 hours a day
    Obviously, this varies from state to state

  • Shops

    24 hours a day
    Again, check your region for opening hours

Attitudes towards alcohol consumption in India is a varied mix of tradition and modernity. Each state has its own rules and perspectives on drinking: some are incredibly strict while others are fairly relaxed. Alongside the usual variety of booze, you’ll find an array of local liquors here. From toddy in Kerala to chang in Ladakh, and apong in Arunachal to… nothing in Gujarat, the range is massive.

But the downside: watch out for local regulations. Legal ages and hours are all over the place! The only thing more complex than the diversity of Indian drinking culture is that of its drinking laws.

And that’s where we come in, to try and make sense of it all.

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