Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka

Dry Day and the International Invasion
In Which Some More Countries are Tracked

In an attempt to expand on what this site offers, we now have dry day updates for three neighbouring countries. Bangladesh, who recently opened up their liquor policies (with a lot of restrictions on locals) now has a set schedule for dry days. Bhutan used to close all bars and liquor shops on Tuesdays, but they’ve now done away with that rule. Sri Lanka has at least one or two dry days a month, based on the lunar cycle. Fortunately, all three are small countries with alcohol laws being set at the national level. Makes keeping track of things so much easier.

More countries coming up? Quite likely, once I figure out how to handle more than two timezones.

In other news, dry days in Gujarat are now up on the calendar. So if you’re unfortunate enough to have to visit, don’t forget to check with us to see if it’s a safe time to go. (Yes, the wording on that page needs a bit of work. Soon, soon.)

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